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  1. Map Submission

    Tuesday, 27 August 2013

    The level has been submitted as of today. It's out of our hands!

    While we actually finished back in June, we had the summer to push the level, but unfortunately due to the group going seperate ways, communication was tough and the level was pretty much left as it was. Needless to say though we're all still very happy with the results, and a couple of us did continue to add some more detail and life to the level.

    We've had great support from our tutors and the people at Crytek, it's been a blast working on this project, having the opportunity to work in a team on such an interesting subject.

    Below are some screengrabs, and a video flythrough.


  2. 28 comments:

    1. That's marvelous ! fantastic !
      Do you imagine using that in an adventure game or somthing explorable like "Dear Ester" ?
      Thank you for that experience, it look beter than Assassin's Creed antic reproduction of cities, those was the most for me.

    2. пацан дело говорит
      p.s. I'm too lasy, to write it in English

    3. Cara Cooper said...

      Hi guys, this is fantastic. I write novels and am friendly with many writers, including historic novelists. I've posted this to Facebook because it's a fabulous resource for those writing in a particular period who want to feel the atmosphere. London, the city of my birth is my favourite place on earth but I would so love to be able to travel back in time. I know you have now gone off to various fabulous careers or studying etc but you really should replicate this in various time periods. How well would a video set in Sherlock Holmes London sell?! And I don't just mean Baker Street but all the outlying places some of the stories are set like Mitcham and Brixton - it would be fascinating. Well done for such an excellent, atmospheric and historically accurate venture. Congrats on your award

    4. Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your creation! What is the music that plays in the background?

    5. Dave Lazzari said...

      astoundingly effective... you can almost smell but fortunately you haven't done the smellovision yet.. ;)

      What's the music?

    6. Nick Dedman said...

      Can this be downloaded as a map for Crysis 3?

    7. hemusmora said...

      There is any practical use of this work? Do you want to create any other city on cryengine 3? What would you say about a technical side of your work?

    8. Jon Edwards said...

      That's just incredible.

      I think the music is from the Witcher (video game) although i cannot find exactly which one at the moment.

    9. Kim said...

      Loved the fly-through, great work! Just curious what music you used though, I liked it :)

    10. Sarth said...

      It's all too much perfect. Some houses should be in reconstruction. It looks like everyone lived in the houses, but there were a lot of poor people who lived in some wooden constructions..

    11. l said...

      I have no words

      Its amazing!!!
      This is fantastic!!!
      well done

    12. Bruegel said...

      Was waiting for years for somebody to make this. It's really great. Compliments!

      A few remarks though:
      It's going too fast, slow down a bit.
      I would like to see real people in the streets and have an occasional glimpse in the houses (through the windows).
      Why not use real 16th, 17th century music to get a more historical 'feel'.
      For me the music that is used now is too artificial, too modern.

      Films like this should be made of all the historical periods and other major cities in Europe.

    13. Unknown said...

      this is utterly beautiful, it would be a great asset for producing renders to use a backgrounds for live animation of London life too if it were to be made royalty free for 2D use like Daz/Poser/iClone etc are.

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    16. Absolutely fantastic job, guys. I've watched this video a ton of times and it really transports me to a different world. Reminds me of this Twilight Histories show: Mask of the Plague Doctor

    17. Babe katy said...

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    18. John Nuck said...

      What is the name of the haunting song and the artists who play it?

    19. John Nuck said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
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